British Independent Film Award (nom.)
The Raindance Award, 2005


“Impactful... heartfelt and courageous””
David Parkinson, BBC Online



Welcome to the permanent home of the 2005 British movie, Sam Jackson's Secret Video Diary.  This film is now free to view – simply click below to watch in HD.  You can also download and watch on Vimeo's iPhone app.

Sam Jackson's Secret Video Diary


rated 15 for language
and sex references

Sam Jackson is a 27 year old missing person.  A few months after her disappearance, videotapes come to light of a video diary she was making as an experimental reality TV project.  Will they lead to the truth?  What really happened to Sam?


Posy Miller

Mia Fothergill

Jonathan Clarkson

Janet Greaves


Georgia Clare,
Mark Pearce
Dominic Wood
Richard McCourt
Sophie Woodforde


dir. Guy Rowland

script, production
Deborah Garrett, Chris Healey



Sam Jackson's Secret Video Diary

There is also an accompanying film – Beyond Fiction – which tells the extraordinary story behind this most unlikely of films.  You can find out about the story, and watch Beyond Fiction, right here.